Combining Multiple files to 1 complete Movie

I have 2 .avi files that make up 1 movie.I am using DivxTo DVD to convert and encode.How do i proceed to combine these 2,700 meg.files(King Kong) into one movie.
Thanks for any help in advance.

that’s funny, king kong isn’t out on dvd yet.

It depends on what version of king kong, maybe it’s the old one. :wink:

in which case I’d ask “why the heck did you split it into 2 avi files if you’re going to burn it to dvd” and my advice would be to go back to your original and rip and burn it properly.

I understand what you mean, but my answer was ironically! :smiley:

oh i know. just giving my suggestion to the original poster (also sarcasm)

it obviously must be the original Kong that he owns that he’s referring to or else he wouldn’t dare post about it otherwise I’m assuming :iagree:

Guess there is now :bigsmile:

Don’t forget, King Kong rulez. I guess it’s an original import version, too! :wink: