Combining multiple audio files

Hi, I listen to audio books on cd. Since they can sometimes be up to 20 discs long, I want to convert them to mp3 and re-burn them.
The big problem I have is the the CD player in my car that I use likes to skip the first second of every track.
This is very annoying. I thought that if I convert the 10-99 tracks on each cd into 1 mp3 file, it would take care of the problem.

I am looking for suggestions for software, preferably free, that would take care of this for me.

Thanks in advance.

I think you can do this in Audacity.

You may want to try the free version of this program…

CDEx is a good ripping program. You can set it up to sequentially number the MP3tracks. If you rip it as one long track you can use MP3 DirectCut to separate the file into sections. I usually use DirectCut to chop my books into 6 minute segments. Both programs are free and work well. FWIW I use 22 KHz sampling and 80 Kbs data rate and find this fine for voice. Allows me to fit War and Peace on a single CD…