Combining Multi cd's from a game to DVD



Is it possible to combine a multi cd game by taking the images and putting them on a single DVD? Any way to get that to work as the installable / playable disc?


sure, what game is it you want to do this for, as it depends alot on its protection :slight_smile:


I’ve been wondering the same myself. My game of interest is Painkiller, which comes on 3CDs but I don’t have a clue as to what copy protection it utilises.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.


Even if you manage creating a CD2DVD game it simply won’t pass the protection check! You can burn your images on a DVD using data mode (Nero) and mount them in a vdrive for installation and playing.


yes you can make several images [iso] files whit alcohol ,clonecd ,nero or other cd copy programs

burn all these images as data on one dvd with nero

mount the images from the dvd in Deamontools or other virtual cd player

that,s the way i burned several VCD,s on one DVD i can play them seperate on the computer [and have a nice backup]