Combining mpg with different audio

I have an mpg file that obviously has audio on it. The audio is very bad and I managed to extract it and do some restoration work. Now my problem is how can I use this new mp3 audio to replace the previous one on the video

What type of ‘MPG’ was the original: MPEG-1, -2, or -4…?

mpg 2

I took it from a recording on my dvd recorder.

Ah ok then .mp2 (MPEG1 Layer II) is the DVD standard audio format to save it to, if you have the restored audio still available.

By what method did you get the audio demultiplexed away from the video? There should have been a delay number associated with the file (in milliseconds (ms)). You’ll need this when multiplexing the audio back with the video.

Hopefully you didn’t cut out any of the audio or else the synchronisation won’t be good.

I thought mp2 wasn’t supported in NTSC dvds. I was under the impression you needed lpcm or ac3. Of course he may be in a PAL region.

Hmmm… yes thinking about it my knowledge could be a little out of date there. You could be right and some NTSC players may not be able to decode the .mp2. Also may not be an audio delay if it’s an NTSC title.

Good to have reminder from across the pond - thanks ! :flower:

I think .mp2 is even with NTSC a standardized format to use…


If you look closely at the audio specs for NTSC, you’ll see .mp2 listed, but it also says “One audio track must have DD or PCM Audio.”

Emphasis mine. DD is ac3 of course. So if you only have one audio track on an NTSC dvd, you need pcm or ac3 to insure compatibility.