Combining movie segments with CloneDVD?



I’ve saved movie bits from different moview to my hard drive that I like. How do I gather them all up and put them onto one DVD RW AND make them playable on a DVD player? I know I can burn one scene to DVD-RW but there’s got to be a way to put them all on. Little help? I’m an amateur at this so speak in terms I can understand! Many Thanks.


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What you are looking for is a DVD authoring software program. Unfortunately CloneDVD is not a DVD authoring software program.

For your project you will need a DVD authoring program. Suggested using TMPGEnc DVD Author ( to author you compilation DVD from multiple DVDs. After you use TMPGEnc DVD Author to author your compilation DVD from multiple DVDs and if it is larger than 4.7GH use CloneDVD to shrink/compress to 4.3 GH to fix on a DVD±R media.

This TMPGEnc DVD Author user guide is an excellent step-by-step guide user guide that will explain how to do this

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You’re the best. Thanks. I might have more questions later once I get this up and running.


I think you can also use DVD Shrink which is free, and also Recode 2 but please correct me if Im wrong?


It depends on what you’re doing then yes using reauthor mode.