Combining ISO in MagicISO with the same file name

Hello guys I am new on the forums and I have a pretty newbie question.

How can I combine multiple ISO’s into a single one (preferably using MagicISO since that is what I have installed currently) if I have the continuation of the same file in the other ISO under the same name.

I know that if the ISO’s have different names all I have to do is open one in MagicISO and mount the other one as a virtual drive and copy the files over to the first one’s location.

But since the file names are the same the above wont work

Is there any way of doing this?

Any help will be greatly appreciated

What is the iso or iso’s?

How are they related to each other?

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Hi [B]A_K_S[/B], welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

You can’t have two files with the same file name (including the extension e.g. .doc or .exe) in the same directory, so something has to give. You either have to change the filename of one of the files or you have to put the files in separate directories.

Which if any of those two choices will work depends on what kind of content you have in those ISO images. If you have a software/game installation or DVD Video then you can’t just rename files or move them into other directories. If you have data in those ISO images, then you can move or rename files if necessary.

The ISO’s are the Visual Studio 2005 from my university’s MSDN page.

They only offer them in two CD format form, and no single DVD, so I thought I should experiment with it, and hit a wall.

I believe (I am not posting this from the home PC) the file has a .dot extension and it is pretty big, hence it spans on to two CD’s

Why don’t you just create two Iso’s burn them to DvD as data, burn Daemon Tools as well. Then wherever you go, install the Daemon Tools mount the images and install the program?

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