Combining dvds onto a blu ray disk

Just to make sure it wasn’t something strange in the structure of the dvd I was using to test IFO mode, I ripped the same movie as files and ran it through Vob2Mpg. The resulting mpeg file can be imported into AVStoDVD with no problems.

Hmmm… thanks for trying Kerry. Strangely it seems to work here with a 4.7 GB rip from a commercial DVD (i.e. there are no protests when importing into AVStoDVD) so I’ll carry on and get to the bottom of why it’s possibly not consistent. There are some ‘remove’ options in DVD Decrypter to investigate.

Kerry, there is another couple of programs along this same line from the same software company.
I downloaded the dvddemuxer which can take a dvd folder and demux to elementary streams.
Then I downloaded the EasyBDlite which can take those elementary streams and author to BD folders.
With this author program, chapters can be added to each title as one sees fit.
But so far (which I haven’t tried it but once), I haven’t found a way to access 2nd and 3rd title on disc but it will play thru them in sequence.
It could be that since I don’t know what I am doing with it, I didn’t do something quite right.
Both programs are free so if you have time, see what you think.
I find it incredible that we still don’t have a good simple working freeware BD authoring program.

I’ve played around with Easy BDLite, but found it limited in the same way that you did. If you are going to have more than one video on the disc, you need a way to access them.

MultiAVCHD is the closest thing to a free blu ray authoring program that I know of, but it is less than intuitive, clunky, and extremely slow on changing windows. It works, but I’ve also read that its output is not universally accepted across all blu ray players. I haven’t seen this incompatibility personally, and I have to believe it is fairly rare.

But multiAVCHD crashed as often as it worked when I was testing it, so I have a hard time recommending it.

I think for now we will have to accept the limitations on free blu-ray authoring.
Really it isn’t all that bad, at least it will work.
Did you ever try BDedit?
It appears that it could make a menu…if one can figure out how to use it.

Yeah, I knew about Multiavchd but don’t use it much for the same reason.

Perhaps it would be better to wrap DVDs in Mkvs, that way, at least there would
be a opening page with possible title selection.

The only time I’ve used BDEdit was when looking for correct playlists in existing blu ray structure. So, no, I haven’t examined its capabilities at all.

Using mkv’s assumes that your player recognizes and plays mkvs. And that it likes standard def mpeg2 in an mkv file (if you are going to put dvds in them). It might expect H264 in an mkv file. The players are getting more versatile though, so this might not be an issue.

Most people are moving to hard drive storage and streaming media players anyway, so free, effective blu ray authoring may never be a reality. At least, not anything more than we have now. I’ve read that even tsMuxeR is no longer being developed. And it is the cornerstone of most of our free tools working with Blu ray.

That’s sort of what I have done (hard drive storage) especially for movies running over the storage cap. of 25GB BD.
I am somewhat reluctant to re-encode just so they will fit and
dual-layer cost more than I am willing to pay for them.
My wife and children still prefer discs over hard drives since all that is required is placing the disc in player.

I’ll see what I can find out about BDEdit.

[QUOTE=Steve33;2645292]I’ll see what I can find out about BDEdit.[/QUOTE]

It looks like fairly complicated software but it would be interesting to find out what it’s capable of. :iagree:


[QUOTE=Wombler;2645305]It looks like fairly complicated software but it would be interesting to find out what it’s capable of. :iagree:


Me figuring out BDedit on my own… I am likely to be as effective as a monkey creating a Saturn V rocket from scratch.
I have searched for guides…I don’t see any.
Arggg…one guide link was to megaupload…figures.

Next, I will look at a bought disc in bdedit and then the simple structure made in this thread…see what differences.
I definitely won’t get my hopes up though.
I think the program is supposed to make a menu, let’s keep it simple
say a static background with 3 static buttons for 3 titles.
It will likely take some time to do this…

Does Anyone here know anything about BDedit?

I’m pretty good with PgcEdit and DVD structures but have only briefly looked at BDedit so I’m not familiar with Blu-ray structures yet.

It’s something that I’d like to get into but never seem to have the time to look at it. :rolleyes:

I’ll probably get there eventually though. :slight_smile:


There have been some recent developments here. The first movie I made, with the three dvds in a series has some interesting issues. Playback of the large dvd seemed fine, and the first movie of the three played back well in blu ray format, but the other two had glitches at each chapter point.

The second combination blu ray that I made from dvds was even stranger, as the first movie stopped playback entirely after about 12 minutes.

So, I’m trying again with the second compilation. The large dvd made from the four movies plays ok. I changed the setting in AVStoDVD to not have chapter points at all (Preferences–>Authoring/Burning–>Chapters Interval set to 999 minutes), since chapter points don’t work once shifted into blu ray format anyway. This should avoid any glitches at chapter points. Currently making the blu ray version from the large dvd, so we’ll see how it comes out this time.

Ok, next copy has the same issue. I’ll run the large dvd through PGCEdit and FixVTS first this time and see if that has any affect. Not sure it will, since the demuxed video produced by DVD2BD prior to muxing into blu ray format plays properly.

That didn’t work either. And neither did using the demuxed video and audio out of the offending movie and muxing in tsMuxeR then replacing the m2ts file for the bad movie. There is obviously something weird going on in demuxing, remuxing and building the blu ray structure in DVD2BD, since the large dvd plays ok.

Will try using the mpeg file in tsMuxeR to make an m2ts file.

So, conclusion at this point is the process is inconsistent, for unknown reasons. Test your output vigorously before burning anything.

My latest attempt went perfectly. I combined the three movies of the series into one large dvd using Vob2mpg + AVStoDVD, and using no chapter points. The large dvd plays flawlessly.

The output from DVD2BD is also perfect. No problems in selecting movies in the menu, nor in playback. There is no chapter navigation, but there hasn’t been from the start using this program.

So, you [B]can[/B] do this whole process and have everything work without a hitch. Or you can do the same steps with different movies and get nothing but problems. I think its time to stop experimenting until a new version of DVD2BD is released. Maybe they’ll do a bit of bug fixing.

As a comparison, I decided to try making a blu ray from the same 4 sci fi movies I’ve been working with before in DVD2BD, but this time using DVD neXt Copy Ultimate. I have a license for the program and updated to the latest version, before doing this test.

DVD neXt Copy has had this capability for some time now, but there is one serious liability when using it, other than the cost of the program. But we’ll come to that in a minute.

Making the blu ray version in the program is not hard at all, once you learn the necessary steps. You set the program to make a blu ray, bring in the first dvd movie, set up a folder to put it in and have the program make a [B]new[/B] blu ray video. When it has finished processing the first movie, you back up, refresh the main window and bring in the next movie. This time you add the movie to your existing blu ray structure by making the target the index.bdmv file within the BDMV folder of the blu ray you just made. Continue this till you’ve got all of them imported.

The major flaw? You have no menu. There is no easy way to select each movie. The original chapter points are kept, so you can skip ahead within each movie, but once you get to the last chapter point in the movie you have no way to get to the end of it quickly. Even fast forward was limited to 2x speed in my player.

So the output from DVD neXt Copy is basically worthless without a menu. Especially if you want to watch the fourth or fifth movie on the disc.

I’m going to look around and see if there is a simple, free authoring program that can add a menu to an existing blu ray structure so that this process might be worthwhile. It might not exist though.

By the way, if you don’t want to buy DVD neXt Copy for this very limited blu ray capability, you can do the very same thing using a free tool called EasyBD Lite. EasyBD Lite has been mentioned several times earlier in this thread.

Chapter points can be added, but subtitles have to be converted to BDN XML format, and you have to demux your dvd video before importing to EasyBD Lite.

EasyBD Lite is deliberately crippled so that it does not make a menu where you can select individual movies. The best way to have quick navigation between movies is to manipulate the chapter points. This means having the 1st chapter point at 00:00:00 in each movie and putting a second chapter point within a few seconds of the end of each movie. This way you can start the whole compilation and skip through to the movie that you want with a few clicks of the chapter controls. The downside, of course, is that you have no navigation within each individual movie, other than fast forward or back.

So, this option takes some effort and leaves a bit to be desired in the final product, but it is a workable solution.
Tools you need are PGCDemux, EasyBD Lite and BDSuptoSub (if you want to convert and use subtitles). All are free to download and use.

I got no joy from the BDedit question, I asked on another forum about whether it could make a simple opening menu…reply was no.
It seems it can only modify existing menu…if that is the case, I don’t see its worth.

Just for grins, I tried this little project using MultiAVCHD. It can import the dvds directly, make a menu and produce a blu ray structure without re-encoding the dvds. The menu I made was quite elaborate, with a top menu, a pop up menu, title menu, thumbnails for selecting each of the four movies, subtitles and even chapter thumbnails for each movie.

The menus worked just fine. The movies played like crap. You couldn’t watch more than 2 seconds without the picture jerking up and down. All of the movies were affected in this manner.


One last, rather disgusting development. I’ve found a solution that works using EasyBD Lite and MultiAVCHD. Its just not simple.

As stated in the last post, MultiAVCHD should be able to do the whole process without problems. But when you run the dvds, or mpeg files through MultiAVCHD, the output is extremely jumpy. For unknown reasons.

So I tried using the m2ts files found in my EasyBD Lite version of the compiled movie as input into MultiAVCHD. This was absolutely no improvement. The video still jumps around like water on a hot greased skillet.

So what did work? I deleted the 0000.m2ts, 0001m2ts, 0002.m2ts and 0003.m2ts files from the Streams folder in the movie I made using MultiAVCHD. I replaced them with the same files from the movie I made using EasyBD Lite. This new Frankensteinian movie plays perfectly. All the menus work, the movies advance by chapters, and there is no problem in audio/video synchronization. It should be noted that I didn’t create a chapter menu this time, nor did I use subtitles. The chapter points set up in MultiAVCHD worked instead of the one set up in EasyBD Lite, so a chapter menu should work ok. Subtitles might prove interesting, but that is the next experiment.

This “solution” produces the best dvd compilation movie so far, simply because the menu is much better than what can be made in AVStoDVD and the m2ts files are made to strict standards by EasyBD Lite. There is no uncertainty of output from DVD2BD here.

But you might tell I’m not terribly pleased with the whole thing. Its a [B]lot[/B] of steps, a lot of programs to use, and I’m still not certain it will work with subtitles yet.

I wonder why that last bit worked though and will it work for all movies?

Great job BTW! :cool: