Combining DVD segments

I’ve been searching and don’t feel I found the right answer. Wondering if various selections from various DVDs can be combined into a new proper DVD. I do not mean the complete VIDEO_TS folders of each DVD, and I do not mean re-encoding.
In this case I’m thinking of DVDs I’ve compiled from VHS tapes, but could apply to anything.
You might need to give the program a title for each item, and it should create a proper new menu.

It seems like you don’t want to splice them together, but rather, have separate titles for each clip.

If the video and audio are already compliant to DVD-video specifications, this is easy to do in AVStoDVD. If they are not compliant, AVStoDVD will re-encode them to match those specs.

Each clip that you bring in will be a different title within the compilation and you can make a menu that will let you name each clip and select each one. There will also be a Play All button, in case you want to play them sequentially.

There is a link to a guide for using AVStoDVD in my signature, just below this message.

Thanks [B]Kerry56[/B]. Will study that. It came up in my searches but I didn’t see this relevance. Now it says requires ffmpeg. In the past I found that fmpeg caused certain codec conflicts, so I am wary.

By the way, the guide is old now, and still has ffdshow and Haali as needed filters. Mr C has moved on to the LAV filters now, and I suggest using them instead when you set up AVStoDVD.

Edit: Just saw your reply. AVStoDVD comes with ffmpeg internally. It will use it when necessary, but I recommend using the HC encoder that comes with AVStoDVD instead, for video encoding. Use HC in a two pass configuration.

If you are not re-encoding it won’t matter. AVStoDVD will simply author to DVD-video for you and build a menu.

I hope I have those filters with my K-Lite. Will study when get a chance.

With LAV filters you don’t really need K-Lite or any other codec pack

Trying ACStoDVD, it is freezing while loading input. W8.
Also, maybe I need to import the VTS IFO file instead of several VOB files for one title? It seemed to treat each VOB file a s a separate title.
Don’t know if it will work.

If you are going to import a complete DVD into AVStoDVD, then select the VTS_01_0.IFO file and allow the program to index the video.

Personally, when importing a complete DVD into the program, I prefer to use Vob2Mpeg to get an Mpeg2 file and use that as input, but the other way also works. This second way, with Vob2Mpeg, shouldn’t be used with episodic discs.

Importing titles, not DVDs.

You can use BD_RB to create MKVs from the titles, lossless, and then use these MKVs as input to AVStoDVD

Use DVDDecrypter in IFO mode to get separate titles from your original DVD.

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2776223]Use DVDDecrypter in IFO mode to get separate titles from your original DVD.[/QUOTE]
Better idea

AVStoDVD won’t respond. Can’t see anything else. Not DVD MovieFactory 7 (Corel / Ulead), not Nero.
I don’t need DVDDecrypter ripper.

If you want to have individual titles from a DVD containing multiple titles, using DVDDecrypter in IFO mode is one of the easiest methods of extracting them. The movies do not have to be encrypted for this use.

If you have the LAV filters installed, and AVStoDVD installed, the combination should work with no issues whatsoever. Thousands of us use it.

If you need to configure the LAV filters, I’d suggest using the Win7DSFilter Tweaker tool: This tool works in Windows 7,8, 8.1 and 10.

Also, I’d consider getting rid of Klite. Very few people who work with video on a consistent basis use this filter pack.

Do you have LAV Filters installed?
If yes, use the tweaker tool Kerry56 mentioned to make sure it is the preferred filter
You might want to consider getting rid of Klite

What’s the point of using Decrypter when AVStoDVD accepts the segments.
Lav comes with AVStoDVD. I can’t mess with that or removing KLite.
Now trying DvdReMake but haven’t got it to work so far.

Is there a reason you can’t remove Klite

Could it make the difference if I used the installed edition rather than self-contained?
I saw the codec preferences within AVStoDVD but it fails to switch to LAV for mpeg2.

If you are referring to LAV and AVStoDVD

No, it should make no difference
Use the tweaker tool Kerry56 recommended to make sure LAV is the preferred filter.
Could be something else is interfering

When a program hangs up like that it should mean that it’s not designed properly for the system. I don’t see that it’s involved with any decoding at this stage. I don’t have avisynth but it’s not needing it so far as I see.
Actually that tweaker came with my KLite and it tells me that my programs choose the filter according to merit.
Also, this site did not list gonca’s reply in the “new posts” for me, or email me.