Combining 2 or more files? - MPEG2



I have used Sonic Foundry Vegas v4 to take out all adverts from a .avi file, I got it to produce 4 .mpg (MPEG2) files. Now to combine all these together I used Vegas v4 again but this took about 8 hours, is there a way to combine all the files in one go as MPEG2 ??

I want to create my own DVD so once created the conversion to DVD layout will be done using Sonic Foundry DVD Architect v1 - I’ve used this for smaller files and it works a treat but will probably take ages for this 2 hour movie!

Are there any quicker applications I can use??


Womble will do it


Just author them into the one track in TMPGEnc DVD Author and it will join them all together as it authors them. If you want them as separate selectable movies, then just put each one into its own track and set the menu up to point to each.