Combining 2 DVDs into 1



I’m trying to combine my Das Boot DVD set into a single disc. I’ve found some tutorials for doing this but it’s not what I’m looking for exactly. What I tried so far was this: I used ShrinkDVD to combine the main titles from both movies, but when I play it, there is a short pause after first title when it goes on to the next. This is the problem.

I want to combine both parts as a single title-- like append the second title to the first so they act as one. DVD2One does this with it’s join function and seamless integration. However, for some reason I’m having problems with subtitles in DVD2One. I get no subtitles and they are important to me, and for this reason I can’t use it.

I also tried some DVDReMake Pro tutorial for this ‘seamless’ integration, but the tutorial warned that rewind/fastforward will not work after the movie reaches the combined part.

Does anyone have a good method for combining DVDs? I really hate switching DVDs in the middle of the movie.

Please advise and thanks in advance.


You should have read guide more carefully:

Note: “Append copied PGC” action is available now in DvdReMake Pro. By appending programs instead of putting them into separate PGC you avoid listed below limitations and simplify the task: there is no need for next step (“Correct playback”) since appended programs will be played automatically.


A quick question: Is the by any chance the Superbit of “Das Boot”?

If so, note the following: the Superbit titles which take two discs for the main movie have an unusual structure, which can cause additional problems. These discs are pressed with blank chapters, on purpose. If those blank chapters are not manually removed, they cause lots of weirdness on playback (including a long, long pause between discs, as your player tries to scan from one blank chapter to the next). This is true of the Superbit versions of Das Boot, and also of Lawrence of Arabia. You can end up with literally 30 to 40 empty chapters at the transition between the original discs.

If this applies to you, they can be manually removed.

If the above is not the version you are trying to backup ignore this.