Combining 2 Divx Files

First, let me apologize if this question is posted in the wrong thread. I thought this was the most appropriate, but I could be wrong.

I’ve acquired a movie that is split into two 700mb DivX .avi files. Instead of burning two separate cd-r’s, can I somehow combine the two and just burn one larger divx file to a dvd+r? Without having to re-encode anything? I have a DivX compatible DVD player and just wanted this movie on one disc.

I was thinking I could probably just put both files onto one DVD, but I would like it to play seamlessly and not have to go back to the menu when the first file is finished.

Thanks in advance.

acquired… nice way of putting it

I’ve always used virtualdub for this kind of thing

Thanks, I was just coming here to say that I found VirtualDub.

I felt much better about ‘acquiring’ it, considering it’s freeware.