Combining 2 avi converted movies to one 4.7 gig dvd

is there a program i can use to put 2 or more avi convetered movies to 1 (4.7) dvd. i converted some of my dvds to avi format to save space on my hd, and i have a program that will let me reconvert them to iso format so i can burn them to dvd using imgburn or another program. since the avi movie is around 800 kb. there is alot of wasted space on a 4.7 gig blank dvd so i wanted to put at least 2 or more movies on one 4.7 gig dvd. thanks phil

Since you’ve already converted your movies to avi, you won’t regain any quality by converting them back to DVD. If your DVD player supports DivX (which most do) then leave the files in avi format and then you can fit 5 or 6 movies on each DVD.

If you really want to convert back to DVD, then FAVC, DVD Flick or ConvertX will do the job, but putting two films in DVD format on a single layer disk may result in noticeable loss of quality.



thank you for your input i will use one of those programs i will try dvd flick . thank you again for your help . phil