Combine video & audio from 2 separate DVDs

I’m hoping somebody will help me with a weird request. I want to burn a movie DVD that is made up of the video from one DVD and the audio from another.

I’ve got ‘Haunted Castle-3D’ DVD box set that contains 2 DVDs. One DVD is a standard 2D version of the film and the other DVD is the 3D (ColorCode)version of the film. However, the 3D version has only Dolby 2.0 english as audio (also has German Dolby 5.1 and German DTS 5.1 as selection options.) But the 2D disc has english Dolby 5.1 as an option. Both discs are identical in terms of editing and duration.

What I want to do is make a new DVD that is the 3D version with english audio Dolby 5.1. Is this technically possible?

I have Clone DVD2, DVDShrink and DVDdecrypter, but will get addditional software if necessary.


you might try using dvd decrypter to demux video from 3D version, demux English audio Dolby 5.1 from other disc, then reauthor using TMPGenc DVD author

Hi Eyeless In Gaza

Thanks for your reply.

I forgot to mention that I have Nero 6 Ultra and Pinnacle studio plus 9.4.3

I am not familiar with the ‘demux’ process. However, I am experienced with ripping DVDs into Pinnacle Studio as MPEG files, then editing and burning. Is it possible to rip both DVDs into Pinnacle and as this version of Pinnacle has dual track capability, could I put both DVD tracks alongside each other and then kill the sound from one track and kill the video from the other track, merge both tracks and re-burn? Or would it be easier to do it your way?