Combine or Merge MP3 Files

Hello Everyone,

I’m a newly converted Easy CD Creator user with a mp3 file question. Is there a way to combine/merge (not sure what the proper term is):slight_smile: 2 or more mp3 files together for songs that have consecutive track numbers, but are actually played together seamlessly without the break between some tracks?

Thanks for listening.

If the mp3’s dont have silence on the ends, you can just right click the second track in Nero and set the Pause to 0.

One of the limitations of mp3’s is that you’ll never get perfect audio on the first and last frames of a file, so if you want a perfect copy you’ll need to rip a CD to a single .wav and then use a cue sheet to define the tracks (use EAC). Check out for info on that.

If your mp3’s have silence on the ends you’d have to edit them, and I know next to nothing about that :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope this helps.