Combine multiple DVDs on 1 Blu Ray?

Is it possible to combine DVDs on a Blu Ray so I can play them all with menus on a Blu Ray player? This can be done with a virtual image drive on a computer but there does not seem to be a standalone that can do this.

I’m not sure how you would do this and retain the original menus. It should be possible to make a blu ray video with the main movie from each of the dvds included on the disk. You can make a new menu to select each of the movies. Blu ray specifications do allow standard definition on blu ray media, though it isn’t often seen.

If you want to try this, get a free tool called MultiAVCHD. It can output in blu ray format, as well as AVCHD and others. I haven’t tried this, so you might have to look carefully through the settings to find out how to retain the original encoding parameters, and not let the program re-encode to H264. I think I would get a BD-RE disk (rewritable) for testing purposes.

Any success in doing this?

[QUOTE=tony2tyger;2575413]Any success in doing this?[/QUOTE]

It makes no real sense these days with big hdds and mediaplayers!

[QUOTE=chef;2577905]It makes no real sense these days with big hdds and mediaplayers![/QUOTE]

Hi, of course it makes sence! I recently bought “The Lord of The Rigns Extendend Trilogy Blu-Ray” and it comes with 9 additionals DVDs instead on two Blu-Ray discs. I plan to fit at least 3 of them on one single layer blu discs… still trying to find out how…

I wrote “sense”…

You will at least have a hard time to fit them together retaining the mnus…