Combine avi files

I have a group of avi files named ‘filename.avi.001, filename.avi.002’ etc. None of the avi software sees them as avi files. How can I combine them to restore the original avi file? Should I rename them (filename.avi.001 -> filename001.avi)? Frustrated!!

What makes you think that they need to be combined? What is the source of these files…

Have you tried renaming them yet? They shouldn’t have numbers as the final extension. Assuming you are using Windows XP, go to Control Panel, Folder Options, View and unclick the box that says Hide extensions for known file types. See if that changes anything in how the file names look. If not, I’d try renaming to an .avi extension as you showed in your post.

Here is a guide for joining avi files using a free tool called Virtualdub:
Just in case you need it.

The avi files (37 of them) are of an old TV program, about 50 minutes long. After renaming to 'filename001.avi, etc., VirtualDub reads (and plays) the first one after warning that an AVI index was not found (plus a couple of other warnings). When I try to append the next segment (002.avi) I get the error message ‘Invalid AVI file: Not a RIFF file’ and it’s all over.

You might try DivFix on these files.

Open WinRar [B]first [/B]and load all the files, then try to extract them.

Ha! I never thought about them being part of a compressed rar file. I think you’re right MysticEyes.

Shows how much I download stuff.

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2116346]Ha! I never thought about them being part of a compressed rar file. I think you’re right MysticEyes.

Shows how much I download stuff.[/QUOTE]
Could be this also.

OK; here’s the status. First, there were no .par files with the group. WinRar says they are not compressed archives. After renaming the files to xxx001.avi, etc., leaving aside the first (which will play OK even though VDub does not like it, DivFix and VDub says they are not avi files. Several other avi joiners also reject them. NewsLeecher’s repair and extract doesn’t see them. I even tried to simply concatenate them (hey,I’m an old DOS guy - what the heck!). I think someone took an avi file and somehow just chopped it up without providing any supporting files. I did find a similarly named group (xx.avi.001, etc) but with a .par group. I’ll try to download that to see what happens. Sigh…

Brilliant! HJSplit combined the 37 files without a hitch. My only problem is that the HJSplit icon is invisible against a dark screen image. :bow:

Many thanks to all who made suggestions. Any guesses as to how many ways a video file might be encoded and how many programs you would need to attack them all?

Try opening the avi video with MediaInfo. It will give you all the pertinent info about the codecs used, run time, etc.

As for working with it, depends entirely on what you want to do with the video.