Combine audio files into one file

Hi there.
I listen to a lot af audiobooks, and i know how to rip cd’s into one big Mp3 file. (That makes it lot easier when you listen to it on the mp3 player.)

I also have a lot of files on my computer, that i want to convert into one file. (One audiobook cd contains about 19 tracks about 4:00 m. each, and can easilly be mixed in with the other files, and thats no good!)

I use DBPoweramp Cd ripper and music converter, but only the cd-ripper allows me to rip as one file. Not the converter.

Any suggestions??

NOTE: I already asked this question, and got a response saying that i can use Audacity to do that. Only problem is that it takes a lot of time…

Does anybody know of a program that can do that for me? Like ripping a cd or converting audio files??

You want to combine files that are already on your hard drive? If they are mp3 you can just use the windows copy command.

copy /b file1.mpg + file3.mpg combinedfile.mpg

You use the copy command from the command prompt and you have to change to the folder where your files are using change directory, This is an example----> cd c:\my documents\foldermpg

With my Sansa mp3 player I simply put them in their own playlist. One big file makes for very inconvenient playback unless you have the time to listen to the whole thing at one sitting.