Combine a multiple cd program on to one DVD?



I’m looking for a way to combine a multiple cd program on to one DVD.
I have a large clipart program (20cd’s) and I would like to put them on DVD (however many DVD’s are needed) to make it smaller and more portable and (hopefully) speed up the search process. Is there a way/program to burn the DVD so that the program recognizes the original discs correctly?

For example… the directory said there is a pic of a sports car that I want to use on cd 6. But that is on DVD 2. If I put DVD 2 in the drive how do I get the program to recognizes that cd 6 is in the drive and show the pic instead of the “insert disc 6” message.

I tried searching the archives but didn’t come up with any thing




Do you’ve tried already Nero for this?
Just copy the files of each disc on your hdd. You can create before you doing
this, separete folders with cd1, cd2 etc. for example. Then copy the discs in
this empty folders. If you’re finished, with Nero create a Data DVD, per drag&
drop you’re takin the folders and then burn them. Sure to know what is what,
if you need more dvds, you should mark them! :wink: