Combine 2 disks & have one set of VOB's

I have some old holiday DVDs all of which are on different DVDs. Many of these aren’t too long. If I start with a say 2 disk set is it possible to combine all of the data into one file so that I could then process it further so that I end up with one one vob file that contains both subtitles & chapter points?

I would like to then just have one menu with chapter points that cover the entire disk.

I’m aware that I can combine the disks in the programs usual way but I was hoping to avoid having that shocking introductory page you get when you do this?

Instead of using the Merge feature, you can use the “Append copied PGC” function to have a seamless merge. The requirements are that disc 2’s movie PGC must have the same aspect ratio, audio and subtitle streams as disc 1’s movie PGC.

Here are the instructions for the Append copied PGC:

As for making one menu for the combined disk, you might be better off using an authoring tool that automatically creates a menu with chapter points for you. DVD Styler, Gui For DVDAuthor or any commercial package come to mind.

If you prefer to use the original menus from both disks, then you will have to copy the menu from disk 2 and add to disk 1, then make the necessary navigational adjustment to link the menus together and point to the appropriate chapter. It can be real simple or complicated. This all depends on the complexity of your menu structure.