Combert Stereo MP3 to 5.1

Hi guys is there a program that can combert a few 2 channel mp3 that i have to 5.1

thanks in advance

I’ve read that there are some but where would you see the “sense” of it?
The output would more like a surround sound then, I think.

Maybe you could find something useful on and

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What you’re asking for doesn’t make any sense. You won’t magically get new channels out of nowhere. The 3.1 new channels will either be silent or just copies of the 2 existing channels.

maybe he’s asking because he doesn’t have a clue…maybe :rolleyes:

@hardplay: keep it in the original thread.

@MATA7: if you want to fiddle around with MP3’s 5.1 extension, try with the soundtrack to a DVD. This will have 5.1 channels for you to play with.