Combat Flight Sim 2 and emulation

I installed CFS-2, did the full install, and to my disappointment it still requires the CD to be in the drive to launch the game. I can remove the CD after the game is running, but it’s a real pain.

  1. Can i use alcohol to emulate CD#2.
  2. If one is yes, then do i need to re-install the game using the “run from CD” install option?
  3. Will the game expect the CD to be in the same drive as the install CD?
    In other words, has anybody pulled this off with this game?

making an image and mounting it on a virtual drive will work fine, the game will not expect the cd to be in the installation drive, and you will not have to reinstall using the run from cd option.

But, since I have already installed using the “full” option, wouldn’t that make 2 full CD’s worth of stuff on the drive? I though if I re-installed using the “express” option I would have saved a bunch of HD space. I just don’t want to do that if it won’t work.
Also, will I still need to have Alcohol installed and set to hide the media info?

I re-installed CFS-2, used the standard (partial) install. Then set up the virtual drive of the 2nd CD on a 2nd HD. It loads fast and works great. The minimal install had some bugs when installed this way.
As for CFS-3, I had to do a complete install and then emulate CD2, because it does require that the CD be run from the install drive. But with the full install it works with emulation.

To play from the virtual drive just edit the registry with the Virtual device drive letter and you will be able to play from it.