1st Off i would like to say Hi And Happy New Year!
Now to the problem.
i have an HP CD-Writer 16f
Using Clone-CD version
Cloney XXL said it was protected
with SafeDics v2
So i used a profile i got here called SafeDisc2[.51][AWS]
and tried to do a copy on the fly (DIDNT WORK)
So I created an Image with Clone-cd and then used Clone cd to burn the image to a cdrw disc (the thing Works Great) So
i used the same image and clone cd to do another burn but this time i burned it to a cd-r (wont even work)
If Any one can shed some light on this i wouls be so :bow: :bow:

Dazed And Confused…:confused:

Works from cdrw but not cdr? Try different cdr media.

if you use this in your writer to play you must have hide cd option checked for atip check this game is Safedisc 2.40.011

No i am using the DVD Rom to Play…

enable hide cdr option in task tray. this should be enabled if you used Amplify weak sectors option.