Com[puter to DVD for TV

I am sure this has been covered, but I have movies on my computer that I would like to burn to a DVD that will work on an avergare run of the mill DVD player for my TV. There are so many formats for both video and music. Which one do I use?



I would suggest you to try VSOs ConvertXtoDVD, this progam supports converting a lot of different formats into DVD format.

Thanks and this helps me a lot.

Another question - what is the format that it would be coverted to? In other words what is the format for DVD for TV use?



here something about the DVD-video files structure here too

Excellent help. Thanks very much. Maybe someday I will understand a lot more of all this.


A few more bits of information. Technically mpeg 1 is dvd compliant though you will liklly never see it as the quality is so low. Also, if you look at the files on a dvd, the vob’s are the mpeg 2 files. You can literally change the file extention from vob to mpg and back, as it is the same file type. That might be usefully to know if you are processing home movies and such.