Com 21 - Modem>



Hey guys,

Soon I’ll get a cable connection, and the cable modem that I get is a Com 21, type CP2100-E

Is there a possibility to modify this modem, so it goes faster because now I think they have limited the speed.

Someone a useful suggestion?



Just a suggestion, but if it’s possible check for something to flash it with…


Sies my man, a com 21 cannot be flashed.

its your provider who gives you these speeds.

only the MTU can be tweaked.


but wasn’t there a student in the netherlands who cracked da modem and got a real faster speed?


yes but not for this type of modem!


hmmz, well, that’s a pitty, better next time.

I went to this site mentioned in another topic about cable accelerators…there’s also a patch for @Home. Does anyone know if it works?