Columbus day controversy

Well guy’s yesterday was Columbus day, and some people are
objecting to it. They say because of some of things he did at
the time. I however don’t really care one way or the other.
If your going to object to him? You have to remember that
the founding fathers. Washington, Jefferson and the rest
all were also guilty of controversial things. Italian Americans
are angry about it. However being of jewish decent He was
also jewish. However I am not angry about it.:worried:

Well, Columbus was supposed to find another sail-route to India and failed by at least 10,000 miles,so there is that to be angry about. :stuck_out_tongue:

You have a point!:relaxed:

I am not a person that says history is supposed to be stagnant and not subject to change in the face of new revelations and findings as time passes. It is proven that Columbus did not discover America as it was “discovered” by many races that go back thousands of years if not much further. There is evidence that the Vikings, Chinese, Polynesians etc. all made trips to North and South America well before Columbus. So having a holiday that celebrates an event that is no longer accurate in its basis seems to be somewhat disingenuous to me.

It is not only Columbus Day that is being put in question by new discoveries in archeology and geology. Sites like Goebekli Tepe, ancient Inca ruins, civilizations active during the last ice age that are underwater etc. are rewriting history as we know it. Human civilization goes back much further than what convention currently acknowledges. There is mounting evidence that a comet or meteor impact in the Artic 12,000 to 13,000 years ago wiped out vast civilizations across the globe. The evidence of this is being found through geology/archeology findings and animal extinction events. The establishment scientific community is trying to suppress these findings as it will nullify the work of many people that have built reputations on false assumptions. This has been the history of science as the new thought is always battling the old guard in the arena of advancing the truth.

So look for many more controversies to develop as science marches forward and new revelations are made.