Columbia vs DVD Region + CSS Free

I have noticed on the last few Columbia Pictures DVDs that I haven’t been able to play them in my laptop. They will play in a normal console DVD player. Rocky Balboa is one such DVD. Is this a known issue and is there a fix on the way? I’m running version DVD Region + CSS free which appears to be the latest version.

I thought the DVD drive in my laptop was going until I could view several other dvds and noticed that it’s only been Columbia Pictures and only in the last few months.

If there are any workarounds or any updates on the way, please let me know.

Thanks in advanced.

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DVD Region + CSS free, The lifetime of the product has expired and not being updated anymore, there are numerious post on this subject on this page, You can get a discounted version of DVDFabPlatnium if you want

Playing the DVD in your laptop has nothing to do with any program you might have some conflect in your windows registry with media player.

Strange. It’s still being sold on the site for 39.95. I guess I’ll just steer away from Columbia movies until I can afford the 79.95.

It’s not a conflict with the Registry as I can play any other DVD on my system. I use it quite often and don’t have any other problems.

Thanks for the help.

php, you can use their free decrypter in the mean time.

Is DVD Decrypter still being maintained? I notice it says released 2005, but there is no mention of updates. This problem only started in 2007. Also, will it work side by side with an existing DVD Region Free install without destroying the current install?

Thank you

DVDDecrypter is no longer being updated and has not been since the version you have. DVDFab HD Decrypter is maintained regularly and is free. I don’t see any point in maintaining your DVD CSS/Region Free install since it will not be able to cope with the protection schemes on newer movies. And the last time I looked it was not available for sale on the site (if you click through the “Buy Now” links you will see the message). As TCAS pointed out you should be able to play any DVD with the commercial players, such as WinDVD or PowerDVD, that come free on most machines and with many DVD drives (unless they are a different region code from that in your drive). Not sure I understand the problem.

If you try to purchase [B]DVD Region + CSS free or DVDIdle[/B] products you will find that this function is disabled. Also, I think if you watch DVDFab site You will find deals on Gold and Platinum. Just make sure you are purchasing from a legit affiliate or directly from DVDFab. Fengtao was going to offer a special price for [B]DVD Region + CSS free or DVDIdle [/B] product owners.

Columbia has done something so I can’t even play the DVD on my laptop. I haven’t seen this problem with any other DVD’s. It is interesting though. I go to back it up and the copy software tells me there is a missing file or invalid directory structure. None of the backup software can read them either. Again, this is only with Columbia Pictures movies. One such example is Rocky Balboa. I’ll see if DVDFab will work for me.

Oh, just to state the behavior, instead of getting any type of picture, there are a tone of textual symbol’s (mainly @ signs). In PowerDVD, the sound comes through very choppy and it slows the entire system down. In WinDVD The sound is still choppy, but it displays only a blank screen.