Columbia Tristar discs

One thing i’ve noticed about DVD2ONE recently is it’s ability to backup Columbia Tristar dvd’s, everytime i tried one of these it must have had some type of copy protection that i had not come accross before where the disc would look like it was going to play in one of my stand-alone players…then would just stop!!!. I don’t know what was causing this but it only seemed happend with Columbia Tristar ones, so after passing the DVD through DVD2ONE (even if it’s a single layer disc it does the trick it just re-copies the file and works it’s magic) and writing the disc again…works flawlessley!!
and this was a problem i had with region 1 & 2 discs but not anymore.

Give us a few examples of movies with such errors.
And we’ll see if we can help.

Had trouble with I still know what you did last summer (R1) Mr Deeds (R1) Blind Date (R2) and by this time i had started using rw discs!!!, It wasn’t until i used dvd2one to shrink down Enough (R2) that i noticed it had worked and it was one of the dreaded Columbia Tristar discs!!!..well then obviousley i tried out all the other discs again and no problems!!

Oh… and i was ripping with DVD decrypter and writing with Nero (which is the combination that worked on ALL other discs i tried)