What does the colour (like green or something) main on a CD? Whits is the best colour? Who can help me?

  1. blue
  2. green
  3. gold

these are the colors in good to bad order. Although I must say that platinum cds are green but better then lead data, which are blue.




that isnt totally accurate, sies. i had some older HP discs, and they were gold, and they were the only ones that would work on my friend’s 6x drive, cause they are the most reflective.



It depands on the brand i guess. There is a huge difference in al the brands. Som ebrands have good blue ones and some have good green ones etc. etc.

My car CD-Changer only plays Dark Blue Verbatims, A Playstation won’t play gold, and a friend of mine can’t read the cheap green and light blue ones.

The color has (almost) nothing to do with the quality. Althought a dark blue CD ussualy works better than a light blue.


pSyChO dAd


like I tried to explain with my little platinum example…

But it’s true that in general these colors are from best to worse…




Stop being foolish people…a cd without any dye is always the best choice(silver)
…any of you ever buy a cd that was coloured…think about it.

If they were better don’t ya think they would be used or promoted as a better product!