Colorado Man Finds Condom in Filbert Nut

OK this is no big deal until you read the wifes comment about her husband wanting to keep the condom “for some reason”. :slight_smile:

RIFLE, Colo. (AP) - A bit of online searching helped crack the case of the condom in the filbert nut. Police chief Daryl Meisner said it appeared no crime was committed when somebody put the condom-containing nut in a bin at a Wal-Mart Supercenter.

“This looks exactly like what I found on the Internet,” Meisner said. “The condom was new and unused, so it probably wasn’t anything malicious. I can’t find where any law has been broken.”

Dian Geist of Silt bought a bag of unshelled nuts from an open bin at the store. She said she and her husband, Brian, had a good laugh when the bright yellow condom popped out of the nut.

“I really don’t want it, but my husband wants it back for some reason,” she said.

The couple took the nut - and its contents - back to Wal-Mart, where an assistant manager photographed it before the Geists took it to the police.

“Whether someone thought it was a joke, we take it very seriously,” said Wal-Mart spokeswoman Karen Burk. “This is a food-tampering issue.”

Meisner said someone had drilled a hole in the nut, emptied the shell and then plugged the hole with wood putty after the condom was inserted.

Some people have Waaaaaayyyyy to much time on their hands :stuck_out_tongue: