Color DVDs

I don’t know much how DVDs are made. But would it be possible for them to make lets say black, red etc… dvds?

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You mean the underside? I have no idea, but we do have CDRs with black undersides I guess. Never seen any media with different colours though. :slight_smile:

well i seen CDs that are black, red, blue, yellow, pink.

Do you mean different color underside or top side of the DVD?

I’m sure that there are some blank DVDs around that have different coloured tops. Verbatim are known for making coloured blank CDs and DVDs.

As for the underside of DVDs, I don’t think that there any blank DVDs that have anything but the colour purple on the underside of the disc. I’ve yet to see the underside of a blank DVD that has a different colour.

I have some ARITA DVD+Rs that are pink on top

ive seen some black undersided dvds datawrites though

I don’t remember the brand but there were some cdr’s (Intenso or such) with different colored bottoms. Green, blue, red and one more perhaps. Never saw anything but purpleish dvdr bottoms :slight_smile:

Just remembered where i saw some cdr’s

I remember a friend gave me some CDRs he had got from Taiwan with a bright green bottom, dont remember the brand but they were cmc code.

i have few blue, red and black CD-Rs (bottom)