Color correction of bad transfers?



We just picked up a used DVD, “Scorched”, and “Holy colorblind Batman, this movie has way too much red and green in it”. We have other DVDs where the transfer is questionable, but this one is by far the worst and has prompted me to explore options to make a corrected copy. I read the four reviews of video edit software stickied in this forum and while they all seem to a lot of neat stuff that I don’t need, it’s not clear if any of them will do what I DO need. I already have 1click pro working flawlessly, other details of my setup here. So I’m not sure I care about an editor being able to rip or burn.

The process, as I see it, would be something like this:

  1. Rip
  2. Edit to correct color
  3. Burn

I would be most grateful for any help to make this process as simple and straightforward as possible. :bow: I’m not tech-challenged at all, in fact I’ve been in the computer industry for 25 years. The issue is, I live and breathe computers, enterprise storage, UNIX, etc all day(Software QA Engr. for a Fortune 500 storage vendor) and I don’t want to spend all of my free time fiddling with computers. Hopefully the good folks here have paved the way and can save me a lot of grief.

The other half and I (I usually just call her the “revlimiter” when mentioning her on car forums :stuck_out_tongue: ) had a long, drawn-out discussion as to why I refuse to try to adjust the TV for each DVD. First off, it’s a Westy and the RGB settings are a PITA to change. Secondly, I have taken great pains to calibrate the monitor to a color standard, so as far as I’m concerned the color reproduction is as perfect as it can be and anything that looks “off” is entirely the fault of whoever did the transfer. Now, the problem is that we both like this movie a lot but it seems to be the ONLY transfer available. There isn’t even a BR version of this movie.


Try a program other than 1click…


Are you saying that any other program will do this, for example Nero?