Color/Contrast problem on DVD Player

[qanda]This thread is about the Toshiba SDV295 DVD and VCR Player. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have burned a couple of movie DVD’s which render perfectly on my PC players (Windows Media Player and Roxio CinePlayer). I have also checked a couple of commercial DVD’s and they look great. Problem is that when I play them in my DVD/VCR combo player, I can’t adjust color or contrast. BTW, the model is actually SDV 392, which is approximately 5 years old. My TV is a HD Toshiba and the color is perfect. It’s just when I convert to the DVD player that the problem occurs.

Since the DVD’s work perfectly on the PC players and since both the burned DVD’s and the commercial DVD’s are presenting the same problem witht the Toshiba player, can I presume that the problem is witht he player and/or the firmware?

Does this mean investing in a new player? Is there a way of loading in ne firmware?


Why do you think “a new firmware” would magically overcome this issue??

Just asking :bow: That’s why I came to this forum to get an answer. I didn’t expect a flame!

Thanks for your help

We must be getting too surly with answers this is the second post I’ve read today where the OP thought so.
I would start with a good DVD cleaning disc. One with multiple brushes.If that doesn’t do it .
You might try some new cables or check the ones you are using on another unit to test them.
If that doesn’t work a disassembly of the DVD player & a manual cleaning of the lens & any other part that looks dirty.
Last replace the player.

Now that’s the kind of answer I was looking for:flower: . Thank you sooooo much Cholla! I really appreciate it.