Colone CD 4001 Registration



Am i being stupid?

Just upgraded CloneCD3 to Clone Cd4 and it "loses" my registration and comes up with the 21 day evaluation screen. If I enter my CloneCD3 registration comes up as invalid (as expected). Any ideas?


Contact Elby , your registration should be valid for version 4 of CloneCD!


Originally posted by Rondo the Turk
my CloneCD3 registration comes up as invalid (as expected).

Why’d you expect that the serial doesn’t work?

If you read the mainpage it says that only when you have bought the boxed version, you need to use the upgrade installation, for CloneCD download will not recognize the boxed serial. If you have bought it online and received your serial by email from Elaboryte Bytes, it should work on a clean install of CLoneCD 4 without a problem.

On the other hand, if you own an illegally obtained serial number, or you shared yours with others, it might very well be blacklisted and cannot be used. You should then buy the software, it is very well worth the money (not to mention the fact we do not tolerate illegal activities on this forum)

In case you experience problems with your legal version in a way that is not covered above, you can best contact Elaboraty Bytes yourself and you can work thinsg out between the two of you.