ColnyXXL Problem Help!



I installed the latest ColnyXXL and have a small problem that I know here in CDFreaks will be able to answer.
Im running Windows XP Pro I have a Plextor 40/12/40A and heres the problem. I installed the latest ColnyXXL ver 2006
and the latest ASPI drivers ver 470. When I try to run Colny XXL
I get a windows error and Colny XXL shuts down when i try to restart Colny XXL comes up with the following message.

Secured Start

ColnyXXL wasn't closed right or it crashed.
A Cause could e wrong ASPI layers.
Clony will now start without ASPI Layers.
With the next start the ASPI layers will be loaded again.

If i go under options and click on Deactivate ASPI Layer
ColnyXXL works fine.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the ASPI drivers
still no luck any one have any ideas thanks in advance.

TigerSaw :rolleyes:


Hi buddy try the aspi version 4.60 as stilla few problems still arise with 4.70.

Also if you use the search on here you will surely find some answers


I found the file but there is a Caution using it with Windows XP
it says to execute ASPI32.EXE to install/upgrade the ASPI drivers.
but under the Caution message you shouldn’t use it with Windows XP???

ASPI layer version 4.60 (1021) (ASPI32.EXE)

Filename: aspi32.exe
Date: 15 Nov 1999
Size: 288,433 bytes
Language: English
Estimated Download Time:
Modem (56k) - 0 minutes, 5 seconds
DSL (256k) - less than 5 seconds
T1 (1.4Mb) - less than 5 seconds

ASPI layer version 4.60 (1021), for Windows 9x and Windows NT only. This includes updates to the following files: WINASPI.DLL, WNASPI32.DLL, APIX.VXD, ASPIENUM.VXD, ASPI32.SYS, and WOWPOST.EXE. Simply execute ASPI32.EXE to install/upgrade the ASPI drivers.

Do NOT install ASPI32.EXE with Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Easy CD Creator 4.x, or with Windows Media Player 7.0. If you have one of these applications (or operating systems), you will be using a different aspi layer that will conflict with the one provided in this file.

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Well i had a similiar problem with same also trying to run Exact Audio Copy…
Im on xp pro and all is running fine-you can always go back if it does not work


i agree i had v4.7 they sucked so i went back to v4.6(1021) they work unreal.

I’d say the new aspi v4.70 is for xp’s in built burning software and that they assume we wont want to use our own burning programs