Collin MCrea Rally 2.0 Probs

When i am playing Collin … i can drive for about 30sec then the game crashes and my entire system is locked. :frowning:

i DL the iso from edonkey European version, I DL the PAtch

nothing seems to work.

system spec:
Win ME
Voodoo 3 3000 PCI
Force Feedback Wheel Microsoft

Maybe anybody else has got this prob.
and knows the anser.

This game uses Discguard which is so good even the original won’t play in some pc’s.I gave up trying to do a backup in the end as it needs more than one patch to get it working.Last i heard there were three but it still wouldn’t run,still at least it doesn’t look like any other games will have this protection as it’s so unpredictable.:frowning:

Dont ask me,i ain’t all there

mmmm maybe someone knows were i can these path, cous i still wanna try.

ya can mail me the links as i heart ya can’t post links so here is my adress. should take you to the right patch…
could be you crappy voodoo3 card that f*cks the game up though…
once and for all, 3dfx died a long time ago…
No offence :cool:

Originally posted by vooraad
mmmm maybe someone knows were i can these path, cous i still wanna try.

Strange stuff.:confused:
Did you use a SafeDisk2 compatible writer with CloneCD and the “read with 96 subchannel” checked???

I have no probs with copying any game CDROM with my Philips writer and AOpen 48X reader :cool:
I simply got the game from the CD rentalshop here in Amsterdam

Vooraad: woon je echt bij de Forbo fabriek, man??

Of course I know how to copy disks. Where’s the xerox machine?

If your copy only has SD2 protection,then it’s easy but if it’s Diskguard try it then.I use phillips/Acer/liteOn + the new plex 24/10/40A so any other protection is easy.
Let us know what protection your version has as different countries use other types,or it could be it’s a latest copy which may have been changed due to the probs with Diskguard.:mad:

Dont ask me,i aint all there