~College subject majoring help~

my non-us college doesn’t offer much of a choice for anything. in the end i’m down to choosing publishing, translation, and global business.

i’ve failed every single math test since gr.7 i high school. i am however not lazy, but instead a little slow to grasp the hang of things. i have no interest in specific subject; i just want to pick on asap and finish it and getting that degree so i can get a less laborious job.

so, i’d like some recommendations on which course would be more suitable for a slow thinker with zero creativity yet is fluent in speaking 3 languages though not really too into translation but isn’t bright enough to to take business globally.

which course would YOU choose, if you were me?

thank you!

please help me, i beg of you.

ok, maybe somebody can tell me how future career prospect looks for these professions, thank you.

Well cookie monster, sounds like you don’t have much choice. If you’re not bright enough for global business, I would rule that out.

Sounds like you’d be the best at translation, but if you don’t like that at all, maybe you should go for publishing.

glitchy internet = double post :doh:

so what is it that they study in global business?

i have horrible taste in clothings, so i think i should just forget about publishing…