College help!

i went to canada and completed elementry up until grade 9 in high school, i then went back to hong kong which is the country of my origin, as i was born there, now i’ve just recently completed high school here and to my dispair there’s no college for anyone to get into, and the chance of -what are the requirements for getting into one? what is the admission scheme like? ( eg: how well must i perform in high school to get in?)

here in hong kong there’s simply no college for ANYONE to get into, there is a university, though the reality is that there are 14000 students and the university here only provide less than one third of the required admission demend, it sad but true T_T

i do have canadian citizenship and i did graduate from an elementry school in canada and even went to high school until grade 9, however i’m not born in canada although i do have citizenship, but i want to know what are the chances that i’ll be able to get into a college, i don’t care what college, as long as i can get into one, i’ll be saved from a life of eternal proverty in h.k.
i know it’s wrong for someone like me to ask you about this issue, but i really don’t know who else i can turn to, so if you’re in a college i, could you please ask about this issue for me at your college or someone you know? my marks aren’t good but they’re not terrible i think :slight_smile:

i studied 6 subjects, my marks haven’t been release but here’s what i think i got: 1A english, 2C in commerence and CIT, and 1D in home language (chinese) and i think failed accounting and math T_T

thanks for your help, i know it’s alot for me to ask, but i guess in a way it’ll determine my future of weather i live in porverty or not, please, if you can, help me, and thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

Contact the admissions office of the college of your choice, as the requirements are not quite the same for every college. They differ from state to state and from private to public and from junior college to college to university.

In Oz, universities (we don’t really have colleges - they’re the same thing) generally you will be asked to complete a competency test & if you pass, you be offered a position.

Since Canada is also civilised, I’d expect they’d be quite similar.

i got my marks today, they were far worst than i have predicted, let’s just say i pass english with flying colours, i have no comment on the others, as i’m too depressed to write anything right now, i studied and studied 11 hours per day for the past 7 months on comerence and chinese, hoping to achieve atleast a passing grade; on the MOCK EXAM i achieve a B and c, on the national exam (real thing) i failed.

i memorizing the entire book for commerence, i purchased chinese excercise books and practise and practise, i’ve spend my entire year studying and studying, and i got an F.

back in canada i never worked hard, and even then i could pass exams without studying, when i do work hard all i got was an F, i wouldn’t complain if i didn’t work hard, but i did, and so did alot of my classmates who studied with me on commerence and chinese, now they got an F, and os did i, we were all surprised, why? why?

i went to a student exchange convention today, with my marks i was rejected face flat, one canadian representive sympatized with me and ask me how i got these marks, i simply told him that save for english, all the subjects i studied were in chinese, which wouldn’t have been a problem had i not went to canada and spend 6 years, as this cause me to forget a good chunk of my knowlege in chinese, he stared at me and comment how difficult it must have been, and proceed to hand me a form to fill, he claims he can get me to where i want to go…college…for a price, or a fortune, i left saying i’ll think about it, and the kindest thing on this glommy day was him shaking my hand and tell me not to give up, i almost cry.

i finally understood why some ppl have to try much harder to achieve what others conisdered taken for granted, i cried and cried…i have no regrets, i tired as hard as i could, there was nothing more than i could do. tonight me and my classmates are going to have a sleepover and i’ll be bringing some tissue, during this entire ordeal we studied and test eachother and took other optional mock exams, we all got Bs, now only one of use made it with 1D, tonight we’re gonna cry, as for me…

with only 1 A in english, and a passing for CIT, what are my chances?

when you learn a second language i guess it’s difficult for one to remember his native language, i earned third place in the national CHI essay competition when i was 7 years old in elementry in hk, perhaps my parents thought i still got the stuff, of course i protested but they didn’t listen…anyways i’m not shifting all the blames on chinese language, but i only had 2 years to learn everything from scarch and had i been given more time things would have been different, my parents pull me back to hk in grade 9 and because of my age i had to jump a year in hk and start straight in the last 2 years of high school, which i had a terrible time with but i picked up chinese and manage to pull off a above passing mark in the non-national exam in all the courses for the previous year and this year, but when the real thing comes i never imagined it would turn out like this…

the canadian i met yesterday called me this morining and informed me that i was accepted, he said i could go to these adult high school courses where i redo grade11 in college, after which i will do the provincal exam there and maybe i’ll get into a college, of couse he said i should head back to canada to confirm things and plan out steps first…i do’t know, it’s just too much, the thing is i can see their frowning faces when they see my report card, how can i get a B in mock exams issued by the school board, and fail the national exam which was also conducted by the same board so miserablely…

i really don’t want to show them my marks as this is not all i can do, heck back in canada i got an A and B and eng and social studies, but ppl don’t see you for who you are nor do i expct them to listen as they rightfully don’t need to do so, they’ll look at the six subjects and seeing that i pass only 2 of them, will they rejected me outright? i can show them my previous grade exams which were terrific, same as for my mock exam this year (pre- national exam created by the same school board) which i also did very very well (no fails with ABC), i have a job reference for storekepping, and i do charity work for govt and completed their job training courses, all of this, will it help in any way?

god help me i don’t know what to do! T_T