Collaborative music podcast + free mp3s

Hello, wanted to let you guys know about a site of mine.
Its an experiment in collaborative music podcasting (digg style), so users submit links to legal tracks around the web (from artist/label sites, creative commons, etc), and users vote to promote tracks to the front page.

It’s doing great in terms of track submissions, and there is a ton of really great tracks on there (browse the incoming section), just needs more members to vote for the tracks they like so that they make it up onto the front page.

So check it out, if you like any of it, please register and start voting.
I’m currently implementing a recommendations system which will recommend tracks to you based on what you’ve voted on. This should be added fairly soon, but you can start voting now, as all current and past vote data will be analyzed by the system.

Finally here are my fav’ed PickStation tracks: gragland :slight_smile: