Colin McRae Rally 4 (PC)



Hi everybody,

according to A-Ray scanner (v1.0.0.0) the above stated title is protected by SecureRom v5.09.00.29. Is it possible to back it up with alcohol 120% but WITHOUT emulation? Could you please tell me how? The classic method fails (scanner, profiler, copier). Is it SecureRom succesful backup related with the writer being used (PXW4824A)?



you cant make a backup using plextor PXW4824A writer and alcohol 120% without emulation.U can use the twinpeak methode but still you will fail because plex won`t read twinpeaked u can only use with emulation.only the plextor premium can make a really close to working backup without emulation.


Do you have another reading device (eg cd/dvd rom) to run the back-up copy? If so, what is it?

If not, twinpeak copy should work fine but you will probably have to make a separate non-twinpeak copy for installation purposes (or just install from your original).