Colin McRae Rally 4- BWA file needed

I would like to backup Colin McRae Rally 4 and I know it has Securom 5.x on it. I know that the Twinpeak method would work but I can’t find A BLOODY BWA FILE!!! :a :a :a :a

If any one has a BWA file please tell me. My eternal thanks to you :bow:

I was also wondering what does the v1.01 patch do? Does it change the securom protection or change the FADE protection?

hi nooby god,


Or you could try making your own BWA file using VSO tool. Install Blindwrite 4.5 then use the BWA maker there. If it a quailty of around 97-100%, then you should be ok.


Colin McRae Rally 4 isn’t on the portmac site and I already tried to use BWA maker. My quality isn’t very good. Can some one make a BWA file for me?

I have a BWA file for the game, but have nowhere to upload it. I can email it to you if you are want, or I can upload it somewhere if anyone can point me…

my e-mail is

Upload it here:

help! i patched my file but it keeps on asking for CD1!!! please help me.

Read the RULES

Don’t post links to cracks or no-cd patches, or links to such. They are illegall to use and there are better ways to cope with this protection legally.

NO, this is all very wrong, illegal and plain disprespectful to the cdfreaks community!

No-Cd cracks are illegal and not allowed to be discussed here. Besides that they aren’t very secure, you are depending very much on the skills of the engineer. In a lot of cases No-cd patches actually damage game performance. As for copying securom 5 games, yes it is possible with either the way nooby god is doing it or using the plextor premium and blindwrite.

Quoting this crap makes it harder to remove Ockingshay.

@b314x As far as you know SecuROM 5 is unbreakable? Untrue, there are 2 methods that do not require emulation as earlier described in this thread. Expect to be warned for your actions rather soon.

VERY SORRY :sad: i didnt realise that no-cds where illegal, sorry :sad: CDFreaks plz forgive me :bow:

Its ok, you are new here so you are forgiven but please, write the rules on the back of your hand for future references, lol

ok THANYOU :iagree: i was worried i had caused problems :sad: , i have decided to stop using no-cds as they are illegal :cop: and to get a good plextor to try and make 1:1 copys :slight_smile: (what i dont understand is why its legal to use a twinpeak metod but not a no-cd it stuill results in a working copy of the game) anyway i am trying to find a way to make 1:1 copys of securom 4.8 and 5, i have no clue how to use .bwa files as i am a newbie, plz can someone explain 4 me. thanks so much. and VERY sorry, b314x :bow: :slight_smile:

no-cd’s modify the original data files, usually the main executable, that is illegal.


thanks kienaisnthappy for explaining. does anybody know how to use a .bwa file? thanks :bow: b

YAY, i read the cd freaks tutorial about backing up securom 4.8+ using twinPeak methopd and it worked, YAY!. no more illegal no-cds. :bigsmile: thankyou CDFreaks!!!, ps sorry 4 quothing no-cds, and to nooby god, i have a good cd-rw that gets 100% bwa extraction and am getting colin mcrea 4 in a few days (i just orderd it of and so will be able to make you a nice bwa, thankyou :bigsmile:

ok i have got a 100% quality bwa file for the play disk of Colin McRea Rally 4, get it hear: