Colin McRae: Dirt Compatibility

Anybody have any solutions for me i have an X800 GTO3 which won’t run CM: D because only the newish x1000 range runs it but yet i know my card could handle it because it massively outperforms my friends x1300 pro. Codemasters just gave me a bullshit answer saying it wasnt powerful enough, which is complete and utter shite but even if that was the case, my system would be able to make up for the overshed.
Basically the game wont run it’ll load for like 5 secs then nothing happens and the process will still be running in task manager. Anybody have any solutions? for my problem i’m sure some other people must have the same problem?


updated direct x , patched game to latest version, tried omega drivers for ure radeon ?

I think its a limitation due to hdr needing shader model 3, there is no in game option to turn off (or even turn down) hdr, which really sucks because there is way too much hdr in the demo IMO. maybe you could poke around the game files and see if you can edit a config script to turn off HDR, that might make it run on your card.

overall I’m not impressed with the demo, there’s lots of potential for a great final product, but it needs lots of optimization and adjustments. as is it brings my main rig to its knees, with minimum settings I get 15-20fps at 1280x960

Did you have any luck with this ?

My x800 isn’t all that old, but alas is doesn’t have the Shader v3.0. I know the e4300 is fast enough. Have any tweaks come out to turn off HDR ?

hi there, yet again somebody strugglin to play c.m dirt. the usual message after checking disc is an error report. dont know what to do, can anybody help me plz