Cole2k advance 7.2.0 problem



I wonder if anyone notice that when they updated from cole2k 6.1.0 advance. The picture I am including is what shows up when playing a mkv files. The part I don’t get is the haali properties the third icon will show up when using cole2k 6.1.0 but when 7.1.0 is installed after removing 6.1.0 the third icon for the haali properties doesn’t show up? Does anyone know what setting will get this icon back or is this a bug? I am using WMP 11 to play the file.


Forgot to mention on both install I did the expert installations with default settings. I am trying to figure out if there is some settings changes from 6.1.0 that was different from 7.2.0. that prevents haali media splitter from showing up? I did register on the cole2k site but haven’t been give my login yet so I can’t ask someone or the creator of the codec pack. So I thought I ask the question here to see if anyone noticed this problem?