Coldplay's latest CD is 'virtually unplayable' due to DRM

I just posted the article Coldplay’s latest CD is ‘virtually unplayable’ due to DRM.

 It seems  like Capitol  Records, the label behind Coldplay did not learn a lesson from Sony, as Coldplay's  new album "X&Y" is so crippled with DRM that a few fans have reported  the disc...
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The record companies are becoming more powerful! I was viewing the official video of Violet Hill by Coldplay on youtube and I wondered why the feedback was showing so many people liking the song. Could it be that my view of it not being very good was out of touch with the general opinion? So I placed a negative comment about it on youtube where it is being displayed by the record company. My comment, although not offensive, was removed with an hour. I tried again a few days later, and the same thing happened. So it seems that the record company is removing all negative comments on the official video on youtube in order to promote the song. This is quite surprising because youtube is one of the biggest vehicles for free speech in the world today. When you have a band such as Coldplay who claim to stand up for various political issues, free speech, etc, it’s kind of a double standard!

There’s “free speech” and there’s “promotion”. Most of the time the two cannot co-exist.