COlder LG burner

I have an older LG burner and have the newest version of CloneCD. I am trying to make a backup copy of NFS5 with safedisk vers 1.4 ( i think). Should I use the safedisk profile with or without AWS? I am having problems making copies of these older games that I have and I am not sure why!
any suggestions would be great guys, I dont have much experience with CD-Burning
edit - plus when I try burning with the safedisc profile, I get hundreds of lines of error reading sector in my log …>?<

its normal to have those bad sectors with a safedisc protected game dont worry . :wink: :wink:

Yep. just keep an eye on the LOG window and make sure the errors are in the first 11.000 sectors or so. After this point the disc should be error free. If not, then stop the read process and use a lower read speed.