Cold, Hot? BenQ 1620 $62.50 + 50 DVD-R FREE!

Use Code GEEKMEDIAFREE for the free DVD-R’s. Is this a decent deal on this burner?

BenQ 1620

Well, yes and no. Shipping is $8 (for me, to Texas) so the bottom line is $70.50. NewEgg will sell you the NU DDW-163 (which is a rebadged Benq 1620, and can be flashed with the Benq firmware, for $61 shipped here:

For $9.50 more for CompGeeks, you get a 50 pack of DVD-R media. But they do not tell you anything about the media – brand, speed, anything. And that price of $71 is with ground shipping, and Newegg shipping is Fedex Saver. I usually get shipments from Newegg in 2 to 3 days, where CompGeeks takes a week.

Yea, maybe not so hot w/ s&h, the media isn’t much of a prize, either.


Some DVD-R disks are worth US$0.1 per disk. Make sure you get things like genuine TYG02.