Coincidence? Or Flash Problem killed DSL modem?

Last week, I flashed my PX716 with the 1.08 firmware. Immediately after flashing, I restarted my system, and all of a sudden, my internet DSL connection was slow 19kb down, and 65 kb up. After hours of trouble shooting, I found that my MSN DSL1000 modem was not functioning properly. After replacing the modem with a new actiontec, everything is working find. Just seems kind of funny that the modem died immediatly after I flashed my PX716. I’ve flashed numerous devices in the past and never had a problem. Anyone ever had a similar situation?

Did you try burning DVD’s with your modem after flashing? :slight_smile:

Oh, and always make sure there is no disc in your modem’s tray when you flash it.

Check device manager and make sure it is set for UDMA mode??

guys are serious

Answers to all above, I’m not a noob. There was no disk in the drive, yes, the drive burns just fine, and it took the firmware update (just burned a movie at 16x on Verbatim 16x +r, and it scans and plays great. Just the fact that it seems odd that immediately after the flash, my dsl modem died.

Probably you didn’t read tehGrue’s answer carefully… :bigsmile:

Apart from comments that maybe were more appropriate in the CD Freaks Living Room, do you still have the “defective” modem?

As for burners, advanced modems and routers have the possibility to flash firmware through USB port, or over ethernet if it is an ethernet model.
You could try to download the latest version of modem’s firmware from the manifacturer, and reflash the modem.

If the modem starts working correctly, then you have a modem for reserve :bigsmile: and there is a chance (really small IMHO) that your Plextor’s firmware update did something wrong to the modem. If not, it is probably a hardware failure and hence a coincidence. :wink:
Of course, even trying that modem on another PC would be a significant test…

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hey eltranquil, I thought surg and tehGrue were joking. I don’t think flashing an optical drive affects modem. Am I missing something?

Yeah… If anyone knows of a modem with a disc tray, I’d like to see it.

But seriously… I’d be really surprised if the two were somehow related.

It’s an ethernet only modem, and I’ve now installed the new actiontec modem and have it working. I’m guessing that I can ethernet connect my modem, download the latest firmware, flash it, and then test it. Does that sound correct?

Which firmware? The plextor or modem firmware? In any case, it’s correct.

Yes, this is what I mean. :slight_smile:

Really? I thought that they were talking seriously… :rolleyes:
LOL, now I am joking too. :wink:

I don’t think flashing an optical drive affects modem. Am I missing something?

As I said, I agree with you of course: it would have been nearly impossible if the modem was an USB model (I was thinking about a weird modem firmware corruption during the Plex flash process, but it would be the very first time that I hear of something like that), and should be totally impossible if it is an ethernet one.
In any case, apart from the Plextor thing, trying to reflash the modem’s firmware is worth to try, and I was a bit surprised that harley2ride got 3 funny answers but no one suggested that.

It was not to criticize anyone, however. :slight_smile:
( … but, apart from peculiar forums like the forementioned Living Room, one posts here to get help, right? :bigsmile: )

harley, let us know how the story ends. :wink:

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