Coincidence or Computer destroying optical drives?

I’m running a Gateway 2.4 ghz mostly oem (little over two years old). In June of this year I upgrade my 8 times Optowrite DVD writer with NEC 3540 and put the Optorite on the shelf. Last month I updated the OEM LG DVD Rom with BenQ 1640 and put the DVD rom on the shelf.
What do I do with the old stuff? I give them away cause no one would pay interesting money for them. So, about 3 weeks ago, the Optorite goes to a friend of mine at work. He calls me up and said right after he plugged it in and fired up the computer,he smelled something geting hot and had to shut down. This surely couldn’t be caused just by the dvd writer??? He had to send it in to get it fixed and still doesn’t have it back.
Last weekend my son got all his parts together for his new system he was building. He had it up and running for several days. I gave him my old LG OEM DVD rom and guess what, he said after he installed that, the moboard wouldn’t work and he had to RMA it.
Is this about the biggest coindcidnece I’ve ever heard of, or can someone account for reasons that either of the optical drives would toast a moboard???

I can see a power supply frying a drive but I would have to say you just ran into a coincidence. It is possible to rewire a drive to fry a power supply but it is not something you should run into with a normal piece of hardware.

I would have to point the finger at simple coincidence or human error, ive messed around with shedloads of old optical drives some from computers that have been dumped and left out in the rain etc and never once has any of them started smoking or causing burning smells, its possible your friend caused a short somewhere in the system when installing the drive, ive only ever once made a pc smoke and that was when an internal speaker wire came loose touching the psu, easily solved no damage done :slight_smile: