Coffee... how do you like it?

Coffee… the most popular drink nowadays. What is your favourite blend?

I really like coffee with a strong, distinct taste. I drink this coffee called “Perla dark roast” (from Brazil if I’m correct) on a daily base.

Kona - black, although it is so expensive that I rarely buy it ($20/lb). On a daily basis I drink Eight O’clock coffee - black.

If you really want to treat yourself and can find it get Blue Mountain coffee ($40/lb), it is incredible. I only buy it once a year.

Don’t buy the Kona blend coffee, that stuff is horrible.

International Roast - 3 Teaspoons + 3 Sugars and 1/3 Moo Juice in a big cup. I inject 5-6 times a day. (For those of you who are of American Origin International Roast is Instant Coffee, eewwwww I hear you say:))

Hate the stuff… including tea. I drink coke most of the time :clap:


nescafe granules is my favorite at home havent realy tried any exotic roasts then again i prefer tea :iagree:

5x Day ,cappuccino with no sugar
jamaican coffee is the best IMHO :slight_smile:

well I like Starbucks Expresso Roast for that quick pick me up…black …and strong

and for just an everyday coffee…I like the Starbucks House Blend…

Can’t stand the taste or smell :Z. The only reason I buy it is for the wife and guest.

ibid, except for the wife and gues part

Same here, also juice, water & BEER :bigsmile:


I like my coffee non-existant, with a touch of tea, maybe a drop of vanilla & sugar.

I don’t know why my 16-month-old baby tries to have coffee everytime I or my wife drinks coffee. I started drinking coffee only after about 15. :rolleyes: I like coffee with ice cream. Ginseng tea’s one of the popular drink types in South Korea, sweet to me but never acceptable to my wife.

My favorite coffee is Kaladi Brother’s (in Anchorage, Alaska :slight_smile: ), which has a very rich, nutty flavor and very aromatic. Blue Mountain coffee (from Hawaii) is about the best I’ve tasted.

Now, on the flip side, if we’re talking instant coffee, here’s my get-up-and-go:

1 heaping mound of Foldger’s
4-5 heaping mounds of Carnation cream
4 packets of Splenda
3/5 cup of water

Quick fix in you’re ever in need. :slight_smile:

Ultra-strong please. Not a working day goes by or i have at least a couple of double-espresso’s from the machine.
A canadian friend once sent me some Hortons coffee which was excellent.
Coffee please! :slight_smile:

Oh Hortons… they sell EXCELLENT coffee and donuts. Geezz… I don’t know how much money I spent there when I was in Canada. I can just dream of them opening up a store somewhere near my place :slight_smile:

Lavazza espresso coffee, black with one piece of sugar. no milk. IF i use milk, it’s just to cool down the coffee, just to be able to drink it faster… :wink:

Espresso and double. Always. Only brend I drink.