Coffee beans in a bird feeder

As usual at this time of year when food is scarce, we get crows trying to get at our nut feeders. After learning a trick last year of wrapping two hanging baskets around each feeder, this trick worked incredibly well and it can be fun at times watching the crows unsuccessfully trying to reach in.

My Dad was emptying out a few cupboards to prepare for re-varnishing and found a tub of old coffee beans that must be at least 10 years old. We tried grinding a few and indeed the coffee was awful, so wondered what to do with the beans. My mother suggested putting them out for the birds and I was like - What!? But then it got me an idea - We still had one old plastic feeder that’s falling apart, but which could still be roughly 1/3 filled.

I placed about a cup of the old coffee beans in that feeder and kept an eye on it for a while just to make sure none of the small birds took any notice. One thrush did check out a few beans that fell on the ground, but left the area a moment later. No crows showed up around the the house at that time, so we went out to do a little shopping.

When we returned home, the level in that feeder dropped in half and there were still no small birds going near it, so it did make me wonder what happened while we were out… :bigsmile:

To me it sounds like you could have a couple of caffeine addicted crows in your neighborhood now :wink:

Squirrels love coffee


[QUOTE=Mr. Belvedere;2767434]Squirrels love coffee

That’s what I was thinking too! :iagree:


Thankfully we don’t have any squirrels around here, but it sure would be amusing. :smiley:

[QUOTE=Seán;2767451]Thankfully we don’t have any squirrels around here, but it sure would be amusing. :D[/QUOTE]

Maybe its those already addicted small birds. They only come out when nobody is watching.

You should place a webcam! :bigsmile:

I just ran into the following video…


With a compost heap, blueberry plants, carrots in the garden, etc. how silly of me to chuck them in a bird feeder… :doh:

Indeed as Mr. Belvedere suggested, we did see the odd small bird pecking at the feeder and not once did I recall seeing a crow at it. Occasionally a chaffinch would climb up and down it probably expecting it to have actual food before flying to another feeder. At this stage, there’s just a small quantity left at the bottom of the feeder.