COF dare/chewy

had a wild hair the other day and didn’t expect this to work

source disk was a 99QS mcc burned at 8x
nero 6.6…18
lamer computer, amd 2700/333
dual cas 2 ram/333 2x256megs
reader was nec 3520 primary ide xflashed maddog 1.F3
burner LG 4136B AN16 secondary master
scanner Benq 1620 bw79 secondary slave

note: this was my first and only attempt at this

Hmmm, post bump

I think pinto2 has some 16X burns with older equipment also.

That’s a 1 1/2 year old post you made.

wonder if there’s a statute of limitations on post bumping?

:bigsmile: i don’t think so.

Careful or somebody might lock this thread like they did when I bumped one a while back.

decided to use imgburn to burn 2 disks at 16x simultaneously